Mark Twain, UnCENSORED

Mark Twain, UnCENSORED was Ed Tasca's rendition of the philosophy, wisdom, grudges and memoir of America's maestro of humor and irreverence.


Not quite a one-man show, it featured many of Twain's characters interrupting his lecture in performance of some of their most famous scenes. The lecture was an original, drawing on much material that hadn't been presented before, most humorous, some poignant and all provocative.


Subjects ranged from religion to travel abroad to life in the old west to the Civil War, often in context with today's news.


Music & dance delighted audiences throughout this special pre-season show!

The Cast & Crew as rehearsals began!

Front: Andrew Higareda, Mia Bradley Supan, Pamela Johnson, Ed Tasca (Playwright), Joanne Stuart, Barbara Clippinger (Director)

Rear: Graham Miller, Sandy McKoy (Stage Manager), Allyson DeJong, D'Le Beatty-Tobias, Mac Morison, Roland McKoy, Maritza Freyslinger, Michael McGrath (Producer)

The CAST in costume!

Mia Supan, Justin Flores, Roland McKoy, Leslie Kingsbury, D'Le Beatty-Tobias, Maritza Freyslinger, Mac Morison, Ed Tasca, Judy Hendrick, Pamela Johnson, Allyson DeJong, Graham Miller, Bob Hendrick, Diana Rowland, S'Koocha


I was approached almost 2 years ago by our producer Michael McGrath asking me if I would be willing to direct a play about Mark Twain, something he had been wanting to do for fifty years. He told me that Ed Tasca had agreed to write it and to play the part of Mark Twain if I would direct it. I could easily imagine Ed as Mark Twain as I had recently directed him in the play “November” for The Naked Stage where he portrayed the US President (he was terrific).  So, I agreed to meet with the two of them, and after some wine, conversation, more wine, and the idea of adding dancing and singing “showboat style” was agreed upon, I said Yes!  Ed went away and wrote it, and after several meetings it evolved into this wonderful show! We all had fun bringing this show to life, and hope that you all enjoyed it too!

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